FCE Christmas Home Tour

In what has become a tradition after more than ten years running, the Houston County FCE Council is again offering their Christmas Home Tour, held the 2nd Sunday in December from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.  Tickets are available at the Houston County Extension Office, our local library, the Southernaire Restaurant and Motel, and from any of the FCE members in our county.  

Tickets will also be available the day of the Tour at any of the homes shown on the Tour.

Recently the Christmas Home Tour participants met at the Tennessee Ridge United Methodist Church to discuss their plans and ideas for this upcoming fun day.

Showing their lovely homes this year (pictured from left to right) are Lisa Moore, Robin and Michael Sutherland.  Also on the Tour this year is the whole Houston County Emergency Operations Center with Ambulance Director, Steven Graybill and 911 Director, Dale Popp pictured.    James and Shea Chappell and the Tennessee Ridge United Methodist Church will be on the Tour this year.

The Family and Community Clubs and Council are non-profit. All fundraising proceeds go to the American Cancer Society, scholarships for the 4-H summer camps and Bethesda Mission.  The FCE Council also supports the Houston County Fair with monies to help with prizes and gifts given each year and will consider any other community need of which we become aware.