Russ James Volunteer of the Year Award

russ james


After his retirement, Russ James took on a second career of volunteerism. He was a past President of the Erin Rotary Club and the President of the Erin Rotary Foundation which administers the Houston County Imagination Library program. He was also a board member of the Houston County Area Chamber of Commerce and a key organizer of the Irish Day Celebration, Middle Tennessee Workforce Essentials, the Foster Care Review Board, Chairman of Trinity Hospital Board, and Program Chairman of the Golden Agers Club. He spent his years of retirement here in Houston County working, in all his efforts, to bring improvements to the county and its children.

An award in his honor was established in 2008 to recognize other individuals who have also spent their time and talents to help our county.

2022                Amanda Dixon

2021                Elizabeth Martin

2020                Angie Neilson

2019                Linda Bratschi

2018                Jerome Parchman

2017                Herb Gould

2016                Bob Mckinnon

2015                Kelly Irons

2014                Leah Baggett

2013                Kristi Spurgeon

2012                Bettye Mckinnon

2011                Allen McCampbell

2010                Jerry Bybee

2009                Debbie Schmidt

2008                Shannon Kilgore