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The Erin Rotary Club has long recognized the children of Houston County as our most valuable assets and sponsored projects such as annual scholarships and the Rotary Park to foster the growth and development of our youth.   In 2005 the Erin Rotary Club took on a new challenge to encourage success for the children of Houston County by establishing the Houston County Imagination Library. Reading is essential to learning and reading aloud to children enhances their success in reading.

Developed by Dolly Parton, the Imagination Library is designed to send preschool children a book each month at no expense to the family.   Because reading aloud to children enhances their success in reading, families are encouraged to read to their children. Governor Bredesen’s “Books from Birth Foundation” selected Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library as its centerpiece and pays half of the $27 cost per child.

The success of the Houston County Imagination Library fund raising campaign has received state-wide recognition. Over 400 Houston County children, almost half of the 541 eligible children, have been enrolled during the first year which significantly exceeded our expectations. Now and over 5,450 BOOKS have been delivered to Houston Co. children! Our goal is to enroll 80% of eligible children by the fifth year. To enroll a child please contact the Houston County Public Library at 931.289.3858 or follow the instructions at the following link

We still need your help to make this a sustaining program for generations to come. Donations can be made at the Tennessee Farm Bureau office at 38 East Main Street in Erin, 931.289.4171. Donations may also be received in honor or memory of someone by completing the Imagination Library Donation Form.

Thanks to our Founding Sponsors

Erin Rotary Club
City of Erin
Houston County
AMSouth Bank
Dr. & Mrs. John Paffrath D.D.S., Hillcrest Dental Clinic
Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Mitchum, Mitchum Rexall Drug
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Riggins, Farm Bureau Insurance Services
Mr. John Cook, Homeland Mortgage LLC
Regions Bank
Magnum Manufacturing
Traditions First Bank
Trinity Hospital