Lord High Mayors and Emerald Award Winners

Since 1963, a Lord High Mayor has been chosen from among the many volunteers in Houston County.
In 2001, The O.S. Luton Emerald Award was created. Each member organization of the Executive Committee selected an Emerald Award Winner.  These organizations are:  the Houston County Area Chamber of Commerce, the Houston County Recreation Club, the Houston County Lions Club, and the Erin Rotary Club.  In 2015, the Houston County Fair Board was added to the Executive Committee.

2022 Lord High MayorTeresa Mitchell
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardJeff Anderson
Betsy Ligon
Larry Lyle
Dorothy Marable
Howard Spurgeon
2021 Lord High MayorBonnie Dunavant
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardDenise Borens
Billy Joe Coakley
Kristi Dew
Nanette Morford
Brenda Sugg
2020 Lord High MayorRobert Brown
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardDustin Broadbent
Jerry Bryant
Kendall Coleman
Leonard Hooper
Angie Neilson
2019 Lord High MayorAllen McCampbell
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardLeah Baggett
Polly Fussell-Miller
Albert Mitchum
Lisa Moore
Linda Smithey
2018 Lord High MayorBryon Cleghern
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardJanet Felts
Sam Fussell
Steve Frederick
Ty Mitchell
Laurie Mobley
2017 Lord High MayorTim Cleghern
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardMelinda Conwell
Jimmy Felts
Vena Fredericks
Marty Moore
Joyce Pryor
2016 Lord High MayorTommy Mitchell
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardJeremy Byler
Ann Hagler
Jill Ligon
Teresa Mitchell
Debbie Schmidt
2015 Lord High MayorRichard A. Neal, Sr.
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardFred Finley
Lori Pendergrass
Jay Perdue
Cary Rye
Karen Simons
2014 Lord High MayorKay French
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardBarry Cotton
Patricia Felts
Herb Gould
Bennetta James
2013 Lord High MayorElizabeth Martin
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardEvelyn Alsobrooks
Sharon Kilgore Harris
Jimmy Ross, Sr.
Amy Rye
2012 Lord High MayorGeorge Powell
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardMike Davis
Judy Dixon
Dee Rooding
Sherry Schmidt
2011 Lord High MayorDonald Cooksey
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardBilly Ray Cleghern
Ben Hagler
Tommy Mitchell
Lewis Moore
2010 Lord High MayorDiane Lynch
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardPhilip Baggett
Inez Dyer
Allen McCampbell
Ann Young
2009 Lord High MayorRay Elliott
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardDixie Berube
Susan Gould
Phillip Powell
Kay Simmons
2008 Lord High MayorPatsy Brooks
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardPaul Bailey
David Bell
Charlie Ligon
Sherry Nolen
2007 Lord High MayorRay Mobley
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardGerald Berube
Maida Cook
Ken Douglass
Robin Lyle
2006 Lord High MayorKathy Parchman
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardDavid Black
Ray Fussell, Jr.
Tommy Parchman
Lessie Reeder
2005 Lord High MayorRandall French
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardPatsy Vee Rye Brooks
Donald Cooksey
Jerry Fussell
Cora Sue McMillan
Dana Miller
Sherrill Potts Moore
Joel Nolen
Mitchell Smithey
2004 Lord High MayorRoland Roby
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardBilly G. Alsobrooks
Margaret Ruth Black
Patricia Walden Brooks
Billy Ray Cleghern
Kathy Parchman
Tracy Reeder
Jenny Rye
Margie Rainwater Smith
Frank W. Young
2003 Lord High MayorRalph Largent
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardGeorge Alsobrooks
Ann Baggett
Elizabeth Martin
M.J. McMillan
Janet Miller
Ray Mobley
Margaret Simpson
Art Sloan
2002 Lord High MayorWilliam C. Knott, Jr.
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardArkley Elliott
Kay French
Wayne Parchman
Dianne Lynch
Bob McKinnon
Mitch Mitchum
Howard Patterson
William Sidney Vinson
2001 Lord High MayorGary Taylor
O.S. Luton Emerald AwardThomas Beecham
Tim Cleghern
Rhyne Largent
Ralph Largent
John Law
Roland Roby
Nethla Shires
2000 Lord High MayorBettye McKinnon
1999 Lord High MayorO.S. Uffelman
1998 Lord High MayorLinda Bratschi
1997 Lord High MayorMarilyn Price
1996 Lord High MayorDaniel Martin
1995 Lord High MayorAustin Baggett
1994 Lord High MayorJulia Cook
1993 Lord High MayorPaul Moody
1992 Lord High MayorL.C. Baggett
1991 Lord High MayorDouglas Ligon
1990 Lord High MayorDave Hardin
1989 Lord High MayorPhilip Averitt
1988 Lord High MayorLorene Powers
1987 Lord High MayorByde Simpson
1986 Lord High MayorJim Kuykendall
1985 Lord High MayorA.E. Reynolds
1984 Lord High MayorRobert Mitchell
1983 Lord High MayorJoseph Morgan
1982 Lord High MayorRay Deason
1981 Lord High MayorJoe Spencer
1980 Lord High MayorBeverly Price
1979 Lord High MayorHarry Batten
1978 Lord High MayorWebb Mitchum
1977 Lord High MayorBee Brewer
1976 Lord High MayorRodney Lowery
1975 Lord High MayorBilly Ray Cleghern
1974 Lord High MayorSara Hart
1973 Lord High MayorCarl Taylor
1972 Lord High MayorBilly Alsobrooks
1971 Lord High MayorJ.D. Lewis
1970 Lord High MayorA.J. Mitchum
1969 Lord High MayorTom Brewer
1968 Lord High MayorRobert Shores
1967 Lord High MayorC.W. Mitchum, II
1966 Lord High MayorO.S. Luton
1965 HonoreeThomas Kilroy
1964 HonoreeRoss Bass
1963 HonoreeLucille Clement