Fun History of Erin

Fun History of Erin from 1872-1976
Compiled by Bettye & Bob McKinnon

May 6, 1872
The first Houston County Court met in the new frame courthouse in Arlington, Tennessee. The county seat and courthouse was moved to Erin on November 1, 1878.

December 27, 1901
A group of forty leading citizens of Erin met a Hollister’s Drug Store and then marched to the Ab Madden Saloon in Midway, where they were selling whiskey in violation of the law. The saloon was wrecked with sledgehammers and chopping axes and the saloon owner was told he had 24 hours to get out or else suffer the consequences.

July 9, 1912
The United State Post Office at Erin, Tennessee was robbed of a large amount of mail and a sizable amount of cash and stamps. Bloodhounds were brought in to try to track the robber. The A.J. Mitchum Drug Store and the C.T. Powers Restaurant were also robbed during the night. The bloodhounds tracked the scent to an old abandoned house where a man was found with a large pile of mail.

May 1952
The city of Erin got its first fire engine and plans were announced that a new fire hall would soon be built with a fire department to be established. W.L. Carey was the first fire chief. Firefighters serving as drivers of the new engine were Chic Rye, John Barber, and Rusty Simpson. Wrench and hose men were Joe Spencer, Roland Roby, Vernon Knight, Webb Mitchum and others to be named later. The new engine cost $11,000.

September 25, 1957
Houston County Sheriff Carl Patterson and his deputies captured and destroyed the largest wildcat moonshine whiskey still in the history of the county. The still was located about three miles from Erin.

January 1, 1880
Erin Cumberland Presbyterian Church was built by its’ congregation and the brick making was supervised by its preacher AM Taylor. The first service was held in the new building on Easter Sunday, April 19, 1882. The new building was the total sum of $2,432.40. The first preacher was paid $20.50 per month.

January 1, 1902
J.M. Cooley sold the Erin water works plant to E.E. Colison who planned a major expansion of the plant. The water supplied by the Graham Springs located about a half mile west of Erin with the water being pumped into town by a huge water wheel.

July 21, 1917
Houston County’s population was reported to be 4,764 and a draft quota for World War I was set at 42 men.

February 24, 1930
The Tennessee Highway Department let the contract to build the overhead bridge over the railroad at the edge of Erin on Highway 49. The cost of the bridge was $30,346.49.

July 20, 1953
Two women were selected to serve on the Houston County Grand Jury for the first time in the history of the county. The lady jurors were Mrs. Linda Lee Hendrix and Mrs. Annie Ruth Walker. Mrs. Lorene Marable was sworn as a special deputy to have charge of the two lady jurors.

October 6, 1960
The new United State Post Office at Erin was formally opened. Over 600 people attended the open house and toured the building.

September 5, 1881
The Houston County Court met at the courthouse in Erin. Since there was no business to take care of, the court adjourned and nothing was done.

January 12, 1903
The first steam powered motor carriage arrived in Erin. They claimed the contraption would go as fast as 12 miles per hour. A large crowd was on hand to sew the strange carriage.

January 4, 1951
The town of Erin signed a 99 year lease on the city owned factory building with the Culver Manufacturing Company, a children’s shoe factory. The company is expected to employ 200 to 250 people.

May 28, 1955
At exactly 2:05 pm, the Houston County Telephone Company went on the dial system. Joe Spencer made the first dialed phone call in Erin.

March 16, 1963
The first Irish Celebration was held in Erin with 3,000 people jamming the streets for the fun filled day.

October 30, 1968
The contract for $289,000 was let for the first low rent housing project for Erin.

May 29, 1892
It was reported that Adam Hornberger had killed a rattlesnake near the town limits of Erin that was six feet long and had thirty rattlers and a button. The rattler measured twelve inches around the middle and had the letters “J. C. G.” branded on its back.

February 24, 1903
It was on this date the first automobile passed through Dover, Tennessee. The car was owned and driven by George Satterwhite of Erin, Tennessee. A large crowd gathered on top of Hugh Lindsey Hill to see the approaching machine.

January 31, 1952
A three legged chicken was hatched at the Daniel Boone Hatchery in Erin. The chicken was a Hampshire Red and was normal in every other way.

November 7, 1955
Classes were held for the first time in the new elementary school in Erin. The cost of the school was $200,000.

June 8, 1969
The new Trinity Hospital was formally opened. A crowd of more than 500 attended the opening.

March 16, 1976
Thieves broke into Trinity Hospital. A crowbar was used to pry open the door to the pharmacy. Drugs and $81 was taken.